Experienced LiveRehabChat ™ Agents

Knowledgeable Agents

Our well trained and experienced LiveRehabChat agents have worked for some of the largest substance abuse treatment centers in the country.  Why do we recruit from large national rehab call and chat centers? Simple, there are only two ways to learn how to effectively turn live rehab chat leads into rehab admissions, they are training and experience. Turning live rehab chats into admissions is significantly harder than turning live calls into admissions. Our LiveRehabChat agents are the best closers in the business and they have taken thousands of live rehab chats. They are patient, professional, and persistent and uniquely trained on the art of turning live rehab chats into rehab admissions.

The Problem with Undertrained Agents

Improperly or undertrained rehab chat agents lose 100% of potential intakes to your competitors

Improperly or undertrained rehab chat agents lose 100% of potential intakes to competitors. You need to be well versed in the art of keeping a person engaged in a live rehab chat. It is much easier and more likely for a potential client to click away abruptly and end a live rehab chat versus ending a phone call where you have their phone number on caller id. Keeping a person engaged in a live rehab chat is an art.

Each of our LiveRehabChat managers has trained and managed hundreds of rehab call and chat agents as well as placed thousands of people into rehab. When you have closed as many rehab chat clients as we have you have had to overcome every objection to entering treatment in the book.  Those live rehab chat closing experiences have been passed on in training to each of our LiveRehabChat agents. From those vast rehab chat experiences, we have created over 100 pre-loaded rebuttals to common objections which are at the fingertips of all our LiveRehabChat agents.

Dedicated Rehab Staff

The most common mistake is having non-dedicated rehab staff members take live rehab chats

The most common mistake substance abuse treatment centers owners make is thinking they can have a non-dedicated staff member take live rehab chats while they are doing their other job duties. When rehabs use their existing staff to take live rehab chats they routinely miss chats, rush the chats or ignore them altogether. It is not possible to give the time and attention necessary to turn a live rehab chat into an admission when you are not 100% dedicated to responding to live rehab chat inquires. I recently had a client that set up a chat rotation with their employees. When someone came to their rehab website and clicked chat now it would notify 6 staff members of the waiting chat. I was amazed to see they missed 85% of those chats. In one year they had not had one single admission from chat.  After research, it was obvious to me that all 6 staff members after only taking a few rehab chats were clicking ignore hoping one of their coworkers would take the chat. After taking over the live rehab chats approximately 40% of all admissions are now from LiveRehabChat agents.

Find a New Revenue Source

Once a treatment center understands and accepts this fact they can turn a lost revenue source into hundreds of thousands of dollars a month of additional revenue.

A typical live rehab chat takes 5-15 minutes to before you can even ask if the potential client is even qualified to enter your substance abuse treatment center.  If the person on the live rehab chat is qualified it can take another 30 minutes to gather all the information needed to proceed. It doesn’t take this long because you are feverously chatting back and forth. On live rehab chats if the person you are chatting with is under the influence it may take them 1-5 minutes to type a single response to the simplest question to the rehab chat agent. It takes a live chat agent patience and persistence when a person is slowly typing a response to a question. A dedicated live LiveRehabChat agent is laser-focused on closing every person chatting with your center.  It is impossible for a treatment center employee to take live rehab chats ethically and efficiently when they have other responsibilities. Once a treatment center understands and accepts this fact they can turn a lost revenue source into hundreds of thousands of dollars a month of additional revenue.

Common Rehab Errors

“Can I call you?” is the worst thing a rehab chat agent can ask

“Can I call you?” is the worst thing a rehab chat agent can ask. This is one of the most common mistakes untrained and non-dedicated live rehab chat agents make. They have in their head they can save time and get their message across faster by calling the lead. They are right, it is faster to talk to someone on the phone. The problem is these untrained and in a rush live rehab chat agents don’t understand and appreciate there is a specific reason the potential client chose to use the rehab chat feature over the telephone in the first place. They chose to communicate with your rehab over chat instead of calling the number which is in flashing neon lights on the website. Typically people that use the live rehab chat option are at work or at home and don’t want to be overheard talking to a rehab, so they click on the live rehab chat option.

You Want the Best Rehab Leads

People that chat from work are the best rehab chat leads

People that chat from work are the best rehab chat leads because they have a higher probability of having acceptable employer-based insurance. When people are chatting online from work they tend to take a long time to respond to some of your rehab chat agent’s questions as they get distracted while chatting. A coworker walks by and they quickly minimize the live rehab chat window. Or they get an email that needs a response and they click away from the chat to return a few minutes later.

Our experienced LiveRehabChat agents understand the unique chiastic of each customer that uses the live rehab chat option on your website. They are trained to find out if a person is chatting from home, work or a mobile device. When they find out a potential client is chatting from work they zero in and ask questions that don’t seem probing but help reel the client in. They gently find out things like, if they are eligible for FMLA, do they have insurance from their job, HMO or PPO, unused vacation days if they have missed work or are on some kind of notice. This is how our LiveRehabChat agents treat chats. This type of attention to detail is required and so often missed by inexperienced rehab chat agents.  

We understand addiction treatment marketing. We are experts. We’ve spent our own money testing every avenue of direct response marketing 

Importation Information Must be Captured

Source of chat, location and contact information matters

Our experienced LiveRehabChat agents are trained to focus on every bit of information they have available to them. Experienced live rehab chat agents love data and every bit of data matters.  As soon as one of our LiveRehabChat agents begin a chat they have at their fingertips the referring web page of the chat, the client’s geographical location, name and phone number. Trained LiveRehabChat agents know how to use this information to steer the chat into an admission.

About our Nashville Tennessee Operation

Our live rehab chat operations are based in the Nashville Tennessee area which is one of the largest health care hubs in the country. Nashville Tennessee is also home to many national-based substance abuse treatment companies. Foundations Recovery Network, HCA Healthcare, American Addiction Centers and Journey Pure all have call centers here.We also help people find no cost rehab options. Helping people is part of our corporate culture.