Most people seeking treatment that use chat on rehab websites are employed and are chatting from work. Yes employed, with employer based PPO policies . The rest are usually chatting from home and require privacy.

Rehab Chat Agents

Our chat agents have worked for some of the largest rehabs in the country. Our chat managers have trained hundreds of rehab admission agents and placed thousands of people in rehabLearn More About our Agents

What to Expect

Prescreen client ready for an Assessment. Eliminate Objections Collect Insurance Information Run VOB on your portal or VerifyTX Hot Transfer client to your admin

People wishing to chat will not call your toll free number….
They will go to the next website they search that has chat EVERY TIME.
Don’t lose 40% of your admissions.

Total Transparency

Every key stroke is documented in Easy to read transcriptions. Responses to specific common questions are pre written by us to your specification

Have Phone Will Dial

Some clients require Call Backs and Need to be chased. We will follow Up with clients until you have all the information you require us to get.

The only thing worse for your drug or alcohol rehab than not having chat is having in house non dedicated chat agents. Your staff hates taking chats. Some chats are 60 slow minutes long, one character at a time.

Bouncing chats among your staff members leads to 85% of your chats being missed. This leads to a bad experience, negative reviews and lost admissions.

Customized Chat Protocols

No two rehabs are alike nor do they Desire the same level of services. We will customize a chat program to Meet your specific needs.

Visitors Leave Happy

We don’t miss chats or leave your clients Waiting for a response. If a client does Not meet your criteria with your consent We will refer them to Samhsa or other Approved nonprofit help centers

We have data that proves that if your rehab website does not have Live Chat on it you could be losing 40% of your web based admissions.

Chats Can Take an Hour

Some people chat painfully slow Opiate addicts can draw out Conversation for an hour. We are prepared for that and turn that investment of time into client loyalty

Don’t Try This at Home

If you are an admissions agent for a Treatment center you always have a fire to put out. Trying to respond to a chat for your treatment center while performing other duties has an 85% failure rate. This leads to lost admits and unhappy website visitors.